Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hola Aloha, Ya'll!

I started this blog because to have a decent marketing reach you have to have a presence on the web. Websites and email lists sometimes aren't enough. But when I think about what to post here I'm kind of at a loss. Should I talk about syrups? Should I talk about shave ice? Should I talk about myself, my business? It would seem like a no-brainer to answer these questions. But to center this blog around myself and my business seems a bit...well, self-centered.

Part of what has become increasingly important to me as I've gotten older is the intent and purpose behind my actions. I mean, the purpose for me to start my own business was to maintain some sense of personal freedom and to make lots of money. But perhaps the most important reason that has come to light since setting up shop, would be that with setting up a business in this east Austin neighborhood comes a strong desire for community.

I had a retail business for a time in Dallas. And comparing that experience with the one I am now having, you just can't beat the support of people who care about local business. The warm reception I have had on Manor Road has been awesome. So I want this blog and my trailer to be a place where my neighbors can commune, get to know one another and get a good, wholesome treat.

Now for a little bit of background on Hola Aloha®...

My business was founded by myself and my dear friend, Jeremy Bailey. Jeremy and I have been friends for about 10 years. Jeremy is a computer engineer and UT graduate who moved to Austin in 1986 from Hawaii. He was the financial backer and quiet partner, the "aloha" of Hola Aloha®. Jeremy has since traded his "partner" title for that of "loyal customer" and continues to support me and the business through our friendship and by eating lots of shave ice!

I, with a very diverse background, grew up steeped in the west Texas Latino culture. I am the "hola" in Hola Aloha®. I had a tia (aunt) that was an excellent cook and she used to share her recipes and love of cooking with me. I now infuse that heritage into my syrups.

I have lived in Austin since 1995, having left and found my way back several times since then. Prior to developing the Hola Aloha® concept, I worked as a small business consultant specializing in retail boutique concepts and operations. During the Presidential primary and general election I served as a state and national Credentials Committee member for the Democratic party and worked as a state field organizer for Obama for America during the Presidential general election. I was the founder and publisher of my own magazine called PUSH. I had a progressive sneaker boutique called Passport Exhibit Gallery (P.E.G) in Dallas. And I toured the United States with the Moscow Ballet as their wardrobe mistress. I feel like my sensibilities and love of food, fashion, and urban culture have blended perfectly into this venture that is Hola Aloha®.

I look forward to hearing from all of you who care to contribute to this blog. Come by my trailer and share your happenings with me and ingest a fresh treat made with lots of love and goodness!

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