Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do...

It was a stressful crazy first season we had. I was ready for a break in the ridiculous routine that had become my life. Trailer life is hard work! By October's end I closed shop for the season and had settled into a cozy job for the winter at the best place I've ever worked with the most awesome co-workers and employers a person could dream of. (Don't let their website fool you. It might lead one to believe you're going to "some sort of artsy-fartsy lesbian sex club" as one yelper described it, but it has some of the most authentic, best tasting french food in town.) ...but I digress.

So after a nice mostly quiet winter, resting my bones working for someone else, here we are back again for our second season. I am rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for another summer. I learned a lot from last season and plan on using that knowledge to be more efficient and have more fun this summer!

One of the challenges of owning and operating a trailer, or any business for that matter, is finding the best location. We thought we were on track with our spot last summer, but we just weren't drawing the business I thought we should be. So we have found a great new space in south Austin. We are really sad to leave east Austin, but I think we have a great space next to our friends at Lulu B's.They have awesome made to order Vietnamese sandwiches and noodle bowls that are incredible. We think the pairing of our trailers works well together and I think you'll agree.

I have some really interesting folks helping me in the trailer this summer- Neal, Erin and Sarah. It amazes me that these intelligent, accomplished friends of mine would want to spend their time with me in that tin box for the summer, but I am pleased and most thankful to them for doing so.The three of them bring their talents, great work ethic and positive energy to the trailer to serve you and I can't wait for you to meet them.

Come out this week. We are quietly opening this Tuesday, May 18 from noon-7p. We will keep same days of operation as Lulu B's for the month of May but with slightly extended hours. And we will extend our hours and open Sundays starting in June.

Visit our website for details and make sure to sign our Guestbook to get on our mailing list for promotions and events.
We look forward to seeing you and serving you some aloha in a cup!