Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iron Thread Launch Party

We were asked to cater the Iron Thread Launch Party last week at I F + D. Iron Thread is a furniture line specializing in handcrafted ottomans manufactured in the USA right here in Austin, Tx.  Sheri Bingham is the creative director and craftsman behind the super unique ottoman line and I think her collection is super stylish and well made. Please check out her website and see her collection at    I F + D.

Our hors d'œuvre and cocktail offerings for the evening consisted of a savory vegetable/beef picadillo empanada option with a spicy aji creole sauce that was paired with an orange-mango fiz vodka cocktail. We also offered a sweet option of a chocolate raspberry empanada with a lemon coconut cream sauce paired with our lemon-lime ginger/raspberry fiz vodka cocktail. 

Morgan Zator of Teal Design Studios donated the floral design for my presentation. Her work is really understated, simplistic beauty. She designed these lovely pots with succulents that just took my presentation to another level. Please seek her out and support her small business. Besides being a wonderful human being, she's a talented designer. Check her out and give this single mom some business!

I'm super thankful to my staff for the night who are my good friends, Lesli Sadler (founder of Upstairs mens boutique and Swerve Cafe) and Alan Burrows (Austin man-about-town). We look forward to the next event and continue to appreciate all your support.

The reception was fabulous and the turn out was really good. There were many people who's faces were new to me, which is good when you're a small business or artisan wanting to reach new people. And there were some familiar faces there as well. It was just a really pleasant night.

The music was a great addition to the ambiance. Adrian Quesada, Grammy nominated artist/producer of Grupo Fantasma, Brownout fame and Ocote Soul Sounds was on hand to dj some great music as was DJ Chicken George of the Swed.u.s.h Connection and Solar Grooves. Both artist are in high demand and are some of the top exports in music that Austin has to offer.  If you don't know who they are or haven't heard of them, you better get with the program!

Please look up the folks and venues who participated in this awesome launch for Iron Thread Design. These are quality folks producing some quality products and services. Always support and shop local when you can. Be sure to visit our website and sign our guestbook to get on our mailing list and to keep abreast of our happenings and events. See you at the trailer or at our next event!

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